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POWER 7000D-TM for Water-Well Drilling       

1. Drill up to 1000m with 4" and up to 18" for Waterwell, Hot spring,Micro pile & Revers Circulation Drilling.       
2. Dual Rotary System (Max. 14") can be mounted on this drill as option       
3. Vertical, Angle Drilling available.       
4. Available for Down The Hole, Rotary Drilling.       
5. Mast is strong so mast is more stable at rotary drilling.(Tricorn Drilling)       
6. All instrument & control levers are concentrated. So a Driller can operate this drill rig.       
7. Reduce the cost of drilling accessories and wearing parts & fuel consumption.       
8. Easy to make the Rig load and unload on truck as Self-loading by itself.       
9. Save the setting time for starting work.       
10. Vertical ,Angle drilling,Holizontal Boring are available as option.       
11. High working efficiency.   
12. Easy to repair the machine due to full Hyd.system.       
13. Easy to transfer.       

▶ Accessories : Water well drill tools

1. Rod Size:  Tricorn Drilling -4"~14"  DTH Drilling- 4"~14"   
2. Depth(Max):  Up to 1000m  Up to 1000m   
3. Retract Force:  30ton     
4. Retract Speed:  0.42m/s     
5. Pull Down Force:  18ton     
6. Pull Down Speed:  0.68m/s     
7. Rig Weight:  13,000kg     
8. Rig Dimension:  Length  Width  Height 
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