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POWER 6000SD-RC for Multi Purpose       
1. Multi purpose drilling rig(Diamond Core & Reverse Circulation drilling)       
2. Powerfull drilling performance(N drilling : About 2000m drilling)       
3. Top Head Rotation system.       
4. Unique Jib Crane : Usefull angle drilling & casing handling.       
5. Unique full hydraulic drive Mud pump(Variable volume control)       
6. Easy drill pipe changing system       
7. Application : RC drilling, Diamond coring, Open hole drilling, etc.       
8. Reduce the cost of drilling accessories and wearing parts & fuel consumption.       
9. Easy to make the Rig load and unload on truck as Self-loading by itself.       
10. Save the setting time for starting work.       
11. Vertical ,Angle drilling,Holizontal Boring are available as option.       
12. High working efficiency.        
13. Easy to repair the machine due to full Hyd.system.       
14. Truck mounted type is available. 

▶ Accessories : RC Drill tools

1. Rod Size:  P(114.3mm)  /  H(88.9mm)  /  N(69.9mm)  /  B(55.6mm) 
2. Depth:  Up to 300m  /  Up to 500m  /  Up to 1000m  /  Up to 1300m 
3. Retract Force:  16ton       
4. Retract Speed:  0.6m/s       
5. Pull Down Force:  8ton       
6. Pull Down Speed:  1.4m/s       
7. Rig Weight:  11,000kg       
8. Rig Dimension:  Length:  /  Width:  /  Height:  
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  루마니아 P6000SD-RC.avi